Did anyone within the sound of this blog post ever think the above spectacle would lead to yesterday’s spectacle in Indiana (that included TrusTED Cruz’s dropping out)?

And then Bernie Sanders takes the state. Go figure. Mind? Boggled.

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  1. Not at that point. At that point he was still a joke. (Neil Young wasn’t laughing, though.)

    I am surprised Cruz backed out. I really thought he would fight it out. But you can never tell. He may rise from the dead in Cleveland. I bet George Will is hoping for that.

    Something better rise from the dead in Cleveland……….bigly.

    But how about that Bernie! After firing all those staffers, catching Clinton with her hand in the DNC cookie jar, (those dark ones with the icing are soooo nummy), and while gaining not one superdelegate from his unexpected majority win in Indiana…he’s headed for Philly. Probably.

    He’s no quitter. Apparently.

    1. I was equally surprised at that (and just went in and updated the post, as when I went to bed last night, they were still calling it for ol’ Hill (though it was really really close). Did Neil Young complain about Trump playing his music? Because this sounds a little tepid.

      1. Apparently he grumbled a bit. But, being Canadian, it passed rather quickly. Like yogurt and wheat bran. Especially after he found out he got paid for it.

        Bernie looked about as surprised as everybody else.
        And apparently the Indiana superdelegate count may yet yield two for Sanders. Clinton already had seven out of nine in her pocket and the remainder should go to Sanders, but they’re keeping mum until the tally reads 100%. Like it makes any difference.

        1. I hate that the press and everyone else is treating Hillary Clinton as the heir presumptive. I mean, we’re still in the primary season, right? Anything can happen, right? (I know, I know…)

          1. What the “press and everyone else” knows is that Clinton bought and paid for this nomination last year. (With a little help from her friends.) They also know that the Democratic Party really isn’t all that democratic. Since the 80s, the Party has been rigged to foil any threat from insurgent candidates unwilling to toe the line. Going “off the reservation” as Clinton would say. (Sheesh…she can be moronic sometimes.)

            The media knows it. Sanders knows it. (He’s been wrangling for the Democrats for 30 years.) Very soon his supporters will be forced to admit it. Which, in all likelihood, will be the only really good thing to come out of his campaign.

            1. For his supporters to acknowledge that the election is bought and paid for? That’s the one really good thing to come out of his campaign? I’d disagree with that, if I’m reading you right. I believe a campaign like Sanders’ can give people a toehold on understanding wealth/income inequality, which I believe he has, as has the Occupy movement. A bought-and-paid-for election, to me, is a symptom of that. But what do I know? I voted for Sanders in CT’s primary.

              1. Sanders supporters knew about income/wealth disparity going in. They might not have been fully cognizant of the extent of that disparity, and the extent of its damage to the economy, but they weren’t ignorant about it. They live it. (Hopefully Sanders supporters won’t disappear into a mist the way Occupy did.) Sanders’ momentum was created, sustained, and intensified by people knowledgeable about inequality in this country responding to his campaign rhetoric.

                What Sanders supporters have been learning about, or will soon get a lesson in, is The Game®. How The House always wins. No matter what you walk away from the table with…The House always wins. The House doesn’t gamble. The House just wins. Because it controls The Game®.

                Once The Sanders Revolution gets robbed of its candidate, once its momentum gets coopted back into the legacy parties, that might result in the creation of sufficient political will to effect actual substantive…structural…change to the rules of The Game®. Maybe. History doesn’t suggest anything more than token appeasement (more lube) will be possible…especially in the short term. But you never know about white folk. If they recognize that the Democratic Party isn’t…if they realize representative democracy isn’t…if they’re forced to admit Trump isn’t their Savior…they might just stop killing themselves and do something right…for a change.

            2. The press/media has from the start pushed Hillary Clinton and given her a lot more praise & airtime. They continue to give Bernie very little credit for his successes. They must be part of her friendship circle, because it’s been ridiculously blatant.

  2. I was just comparing CNN exit polls…Democrat and Republican. When I got down to race, even though there were more Republican respondents than Democrats, there were no nonWhite respondents available.
    None. No Black. No Hispanic. No Asian.
    But not all of CNN’s numbers are adding up…so…maybe it’s just a glitch.

      1. That was just for the Republican exit polls. Just to be clear. Lots of nonWhite voters on the Democratic Party side.

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