Methane emissions in one graphic

cars-in-the-roadYou can read more here.


3 responses to “Methane emissions in one graphic

  1. A correction….
    The ThinkProgress graphic lists Missouri (MO). Checking the original report, Missouri is not listed on the source table (Table 6. Methane Emissions from Wells Completed in 2014 page 25) or anywhere else in the report.

    Montana is the State listed on Table 6 in the report that corresponds to the data represented in the graphic: methane emissions equivalent to approximately 80,000 cars.

    Just an FYI from the Never Believe Everything You Read Dept..

    • Thank you for that.

      • I emailed Page about the error.
        I should have offered to factcheck the rest of the article. (I could use the cash.) But I’m not convinced ThinkProgress thinks much about accuracy.

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