The game “Cards Against Humanity” has a new (unofficial) expansion pack

images (1)If you haven’t played CAH, where have you been for the last few years?

Now the company is including a new pack of nasty quotes from Donald Drumpf, the supposed Republican presidential nominee.

Considering how raunchy is the regular CAH game, this should be a real winner.


6 responses to “The game “Cards Against Humanity” has a new (unofficial) expansion pack

  1. The “principled Republican” position spelled out by Mark Krikorian:

    Donald Trump is unfit to be president. He’s a braggart and a liar. And a serial adulterer. He’s behaved shamefully during the primary campaign. He wouldn’t recognize the Constitution if he tripped over it in the street. He doesn’t know even the Cliff Notes version of any policy issue. The idea that the party of Lincoln and Reagan, Coolidge and Eisenhower, Justice Harlan and Senator Taft has nominated Trump is appalling.

    And I’m going to vote for him anyway.
    …Vote for the bloviating megalomaniac – it’s important.

    So yesterday, after The Working Group on Single-Payer Program Design released Beyond the Affordable Care Act: A Physicians’ Proposal for Single-Payer Health Care Reform, (all relevant links here), and it managed to get a little bit of coverage here and there, I got into an interesting discussion with a Trump supporter.

    Her position is, in light of the Manafort Revelation, (Calm down, boys! It
    ‘s all an act!), his earlier support for universal healthcare, (
    It works in Canada.), The Donald might be the best hope available for Single Payer healthcare. When pressured, Trump did disavow any support for Single Payer earlier this year, but since he’s become all presumptive and stuff, he’s been seen cozying up to a taco bowl, (I love Hispanics!), raising the minimum wage, (You have to have something that you can live on.) and admitting that he would have helped Carly Fiorina up off the floor after she fell from the stage, (Even I would have helped her, OK?). So in light of the current situation in the Democratic Party, where Single Payer healthcare legislation never gets beyond the committee stage, and will never be supported by Clinton, the sheer force of the economic argument, the populist connection, and the possibility that Trump just might realize that the President who signs Single Payer into law will be the next face on Mount Rushmore, might make him amenable to the idea.

    My response to that is I would rather bet on a possibility the remnants of the Sanders Revolution™ could push the Democratic Party than Trump’s ability to push Congressional Republicans. Because if all his rhetoric was an act to this point, he can’t be trusted. He’s too unpredictable. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. It’s just too risky to bet on him.

    But still an interesting notion. So I emailed him all those links from PNHP. And some information about Republicans that support Single Payer, like Bruce Bartlett, and how popular it is with the Republican electorate when “Trump” is attached to it.
    Just in case.

    • I really need new glasses.

      • Want us to take up a collection?

        • No.
          Thanks, though.
          I think I can finagle enough to get another supermarket pair.
          In the meantime I have to use larger fonts or draft in notes or stickies or something. Just be more careful.

          • I have glasses scattered around my landscape, because if I don’t have them, I can’t read. And that would really suck.

            • I have glasses I use to read and glasses I use for walking around and shopping and such.
              Hopefully, this year I’ll be able to get a new set. Until then the supermarket endcap resource will have to suffice.

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