Have we nothing more important to worry about…

prom9n-2-web…than what high school students wear to their prom?

Aniya Wolf, of Harrisburg, Penn., poses what kind of threat by wearing a tux to her prom, dress code by damned? I get it. It’s a private religious school and Attention Must Be Paid, but is this the most important issue this school can attack?

(Speaking for myself, I have on several occasions worn a tux to a formal gathering because tuxes are more like my everyday wear, which is generally pants. And though I’m growing my hair out (to show off my gray streak), I have also sported Aniya’s hair cut. I have my Woman Card. Are you going to tell me how to dress?)



One response to “Have we nothing more important to worry about…

  1. Threatened to call the police!!??!!

    This is me not making a crude remark about Catholics and their priorities when it comes to when to call the police.

    You’re welcome.

    They can’t take my pride.” That kind of courage, especially in a Catholic high school, needs to be rewarded, not punished.


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