I’m grading. Still. Always.

blindfold-critique-joshua-david-lynchThis morning I sat in my office and tried to catch up. It’s finals week, the last week when students can dazzle or drain, and you get a lot of essays that are padded with “very,” and “truly,” and even, on two occasions, “verily,” which gave me heartburn.

And then I hit this, in a COMM 1100 (a required, basic human communication class):

Humans are herd creatures, we are all looking to belong and looking to identify with ourselves and select groups and communities. With everyone and everything yelling at us, we are all just bumbling through the noise trying to figure out which way is up, and that is absolutely okay and even necessary for our growth as human beings.

This made me want to stand up and salute. So I did. I faced the window.


4 responses to “I’m grading. Still. Always.

  1. I agree that herd mentality exists and is a component of the human condition.
    I disagree, however that it is “necessary for our growth as human beings.” I think we cannot grow as human beings until we learn how to suppress the instinct to be governed by a herd mentality that quashes reason and rationality.

    Collectivist Bastard! He just quoted Lenin for chrissakes! And he likes frankfurters! You gonna listen to that?

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