One of Trump’s biggest supporters weighs in

Donald TrumpDavid Duke, white supremacist and former Grand Duke of the KKK, for one, is thrilled that Drumpf won the Indiana primary, and you can listen to him here.

DavidDuke(A warning? It’s David Duke, so it’s horseshit. I’m only posting it because those who are supporting Trump for president need to meet their fellow travelers.)

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  1. The GOP has been exploiting White Nationalist/Nativist/Christian Identity sentiments for a good long time.

    Scratch a Trump supporter, and chances are you’re going to find more congruence with Duke, or Tony Perkins, than not.

    Racism and classism are the dark side of American Populism. The Trump Brand™ of populism exploits the ressentiment inherent in that dark side…and GOP tolerance of that ressentiment…to full effect. It’s a feature of his candidacy, not a bug, as most Republicans prefer to believe.

    1. Can you be a populist and not a racist? I think of myself as a populist and I’d hate to think of myself as a racist.

      1. Oh sure. Contemporary populists are probably more accurately defined as Progressives…people whose notions of reformism reflect a desire for an inclusive social justice, more of a proportionate universalism.

        Proportionate universalism is an attempt to marry the obvious need to work hardest on behalf of those in greatest need while preserving the universalist nature of social interventions. Services for the poor are poor services. We should want everyone to gain the benefits of universal policies while putting in effort proportionate to need. A key principle is social cohesion.
        Michael Marmot

        The Trump Brand™ exploits ressentiment…fear, loathing and frustration…by fostering hate and discontent, which promotes the opposite of social cohesion. Progressives seek to confront ressentiment and abate it through policy reform. The problem social progressives have, what can make them turn to a more radical form of populism, is the incrementalism and weakness too often found in reformism that cripples actual substantive reform…real change. (And, historically, The Republican Party isn’t all alone in its ability to exploit ressentiment.)

        Careful…or I’ll go all Frankfurt School crazy.

        [W]hat is proclaimed and practiced as tolerance today, is in many of its most effective manifestations serving the cause of oppression.

        The working class today is discovering what Lenin warned about in 1913:

        [R]eformism, even when quite sincere, in practice becomes a weapon by means of which the bourgeoisie corrupt and weaken the workers. … The reformists try to divide and deceive the workers, to divert them from the class struggle by petty concessions.

        And? They’re getting really pissed off. That opens the door to people like Trump…and Sanders…to exploit systemic bias and create an insurgent political economy.

        Buckle up for safety! Because the last thing the people who own this country want is any insurgency that threatens their status. So there’s going to be mighty some sharp turns down the road.

    1. Dammit, I applaud you for that. I get to make fun of fundamentalist Christians, precisely for the same reason.

      I DO think Bro. Duke has had some work done, as we say in the neighborhood.

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