Is Facebook a liberal tool?

News-guySome people seem to think so. Gizmodo ran a piece yesterday that quoted former Facebook employees who said they’d been instructed to give preference to progressive news — and deep six conservative news.

This is in stark contrast to Facebook’s claims that their content is created strictly by algorithms. Facebook has denied the claim.

And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

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  1. Facebook is a Zuckerberg tool, like Sheryl “Lean in” Sandberg and the rest of his cadre of deep pockets, but I wouldn’t call any of that “liberal”. Not by a long shot.

    One thing you can count on: If Team Zuckerberg is overruling Facebook’s “trending” module algorithms…filtering content utilizing systemic bias to manipulate readers in order to manufacture consent for economic, social and political policies…and Facebook practices…other major media resources are doing likewise with their trending services.

    None of this is illegal, of course. No law against propaganda. But the overwhelming breadth of Zuckerberg’s influence on internet users, (72% of American adults online use Facebook), and the news should be cause for some particular “liberal” concern. Especially during an election cycle.

      1. Government propaganda? I do. (Government propaganda was never illegal per se, it was just illegal for it to be distributed directly to the American public.)

        I also remember when propaganda, as a tool of governments and special interest/ideological groups, was something the majority of American media exposed and rallied against, rather than embraced and profited from, as is the case now. Merchant$ of doubt and di$information control the national pre$$ now. Credibility based on jointly held standards of practice and ethics is an endangered species in the current media environment. It’s a commodity manufactured and mass-marketed to consumers like any other.

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