We look stupid, y’all

sadiq-khan-4Sadiq Khan. the new mayor of London, says that if Donald Drumpf is elected President, he won’t be allowed in the country.

Khan is a Muslim. Drumpf is an idiot.


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  1. Because of Trump?
    There’s a lot more than Trump that makes us look stoopit.
    He’s just the frosting on the cake.

    1. This sticks in my craw, though. That a mayor of a major city in the world now feels unwelcome in our country strictly because of his religion — not because he’s a despot, not because he’s wanted for war crimes — makes us look like the rubes we may well be.

      1. I know the feeling.
        The thought of trumpkins and their man-baby representing the US to the world tweaks my gag reflex as well.
        But I’m a Socialist. Managing the gag reflex is part of the program.

        1. Maybe I should just admit I’m a Socialist, and work on my gag reflex.

              1. It’s functional, but incomplete in parts. Revolutionary Socialism, for example, is defined there by what was laid down in The Third International. There’s the Fourth International informing Trotskyism, that regards, for the most part, violent revolution or insurrection as a last resort. Also, there are numerous factions within each of those general descriptions. Trotskyists populate at least a half dozen factions within the Fourth International agenda.

                But it’s a good enough starting point.
                So is this.

                What is socialism? We cannot offer anything like a complete account here (the story of socialism is a long one and is still in the making), but it begins with the idea that society’s resources should be directed to serving the needs of people, not the profit dictates of the few. It is the socialization (democratization) of the economic sphere, and also the enlargement (de-privatization) of the political sphere. From that starting point, we are open-minded. There is a broad range of options, much to be debated, and enormous room for experimentation. There is a role for markets alongside democratic planning (for example, consumer markets), but not for a market society—that is, the Hayekian utopia of the self-regulating market, which becomes merely a disguise for the concentration of economic power and wealth.
                John Bellamy Foster and Robert W. McChesney/Capitalism, the Absurd System: A View from the United States

                Marx defined Socialism as one step along an evolutionary path toward Communism. (“From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.”) Personally, I think Foster and McChesney, among others independent from factional intransigence, embody a clear and accurate understanding of the Marxian ideal.

                Because it all begins with Marx.

  2. What’s scary is a lot of people don’t care what the rest of the world thinks because they stupidly believe we don’t need them.

    1. I think you’re right. They honestly think walls, etc., are the answer.

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