When was the last time a poor person created jobs?



4 responses to “When was the last time a poor person created jobs?

  1. Let’s do a thought experiment, shall we?

    To many in the political realm poor people are simply a problem. So for purposes of this thought experiment, let’s eliminate poor people. Yup, that’s right. Let us assume there are no more poor people around anywhere.

    Want a burger? Sorry, nobody works there bringing in stock or flipping burgers or serving your sorry ass.

    Want stuff at Walmart? Sorry, there simply are no workers to stock the shelves or man the registers.

    Want somebody to pick your crops? Sorry, but all those folks who did stoop labor 14 hours/day no longer exist. Want somebody to take care of your kids/? Sorry, they all got better jobs.

    Because of none of those “poor folks” jobs exist any longer, the people who did those jobs don’t any longer and they
    have no money. If you run a business you cannot sell to those people because they have no money.

    Get the idea yet? Or are you terribly stupid?

    • I like it, “terribly stupid.” Sadly, too many people have bought in to the rhetoric of terribly stupid.

      • And you know what’s really crazy?
        Every day, in every way, we’re becoming better and better at creating more poverty.
        Pew Research here has some of the latest data. The quick read at WaPo here.
        Capitalism…what a concept.

  2. I’ve posted this probably too often, but I simply love the way John Cleese explains the “Dunning–Kruger effect”, which is fancy talk for “terribly stupid.” (I hope this link works.) The bottom line is that they cannot help themselves – simply too far gone to work their way out of their ignorance.

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