For Pres. Obama’s trip to Hiroshima:

downloadWhy shouldn’t it be an apology tour?

Critics are yammering about how inappropriate it is for Pres. Obama to go to Hiroshima — the first time for a sitting President — and say he’s sorry.

(The White House has said there is no apology on the trip’s agenda.)

But why? Why can’t he be sorry for what the people who suffered through that horrific attack? Or, if an apology isn’t possible, why not, as suggested here, by Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan, meet with the survivors and hear their stories?


3 responses to “For Pres. Obama’s trip to Hiroshima:

  1. Lame Duck proselytizing. If not inappropriate, then at least ill-advised.

    Any attempt to abate Japan’s growing revanchist nationalism (Abeism), provide leadership relative to Japan’s continuing economic malaise (Abenomics), and reinforce friendly relations in a country that, at home and abroad, remains defined by its role in WWII and its aftermath, should be left to the next President…presumably Hillary Clinton.

    Obama is very popular in Japan. The possibility his visit and formal recognition of the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki could be regarded there, and elsewhere, as a diplomatic apology, (regardless of what Ben Rhodes has to say), is very real. Or worse, it could be regarded as legitimizing Abe’s caviling on Japan’s accountability for its WWII crimes, (which hasn’t done any good for Japan’s image with its neighbors whatsoever…especially China). This could create a good deal of difficulty for Clinton if she’s the one that inherits the consequences of ongoing US/China/North Korea saber rattling in the region.

    This could all be complicated by what Obama plans to do in Vietnam. Any apologies planned for them? Will he lift what’s left of the ban on arms sales? Is it really a good idea to go out of his way to piss off China and North Korea even more as he leaves office?

    If I was HRC? I’d be pissed. If I was Obama, I’d wait until I was out of office, like Carter did.

    • I see your point. I just wish we could perhaps, as a Super Power (fading though we may be) take responsibility, be the bigger person.

      • The issue is much bigger than that, though.
        And…the debate over the validity, or the morality, of the use of nuclear weapons to end the war with Japan will never be…can never be…resolved. Not in this century. Not by us. Not by Japan.

        Obama should have left it alone. He’s not doing his legacy, his Party, or his anointed successor any good.

        And then there’s Trump to consider……should he be the next President.

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