Go, Cards.

(Except I live in New England, and so for a scattered few moments in the baseball season, it’s go, Red Sox.)

A few weeks ago, my son hatched a plan where we would take his two youngest (nearly-5-year old twins) to Fenway Park so they could get their first taste of his team, the Red Sox. He was about a year younger than his children when I first took him there. I didn’t take him out of any sense of fandom. It was more because, well, Fenway. I love baseball and grew up reading about the Curse, and about Fenway. On that long-ago day, nearly 30 years in the past, we sat by the Green Monster and ate popcorn and hot dogs and had a grand old time listening to that awesome Bawsten accent of our fellows. I don’t remember who was playing, other than the Red Sox. I do remember leaving early but leaving happy that we’d made the trek (about an hour and a half from our house).

So, yeah. Sign me up. I’m in the middle of giving and grading finals, but we drove to the nearest T station, rode it to Fenway, and walked around what could only be described as a Boston party that stretched for blocks outside the park. We got face-painted. We posed beside Tessie, and a guy on stilts. We were handed multiple souvenirs, including four bobble-head dolls which are, I guess, quite the collector’s item (I gave mine to my son; maybe he can trade it for one he doesn’t have).

Once the game started, three of us were mostly attuned to when the cotton candy guy would come up our row, but once again, we were seated in center field by the Monster, surrounded by happy people sloshing beer, throwing peanuts, and basically enjoying a perfect night for baseball. We lasted an entire inning, but were leaving the park as the Sox sent their second home run over the wall. It was, from what we heard in the car on the way home, a great game.

While we were cheering and eating and giggling, I wanted to burst into the chorus of “Circle of Life,” but my son gets rank-tired of me getting all nostalgic and sloppy, so I didn’t. But on the T-ride back to our car, I cuddled the girl-child, who was fighting to stay awake, and it hit me just how very lucky am I.



12 responses to “Go, Cards.

  1. Pirates Fan Holding Baby Barehands Home Run Ball

    I see Tha Cards are off to a good start. So are The Red Sox (dammit).

    I didn’t get to see my first MLB game until I was in my 30s. I’ve only seen The Yankees once. They lost…but it was an incredible game.

    I love baseball. I like football and hockey…and curling (don’t ask me why because I don’t know). But I love baseball. George Carlin spells it out.

    • Oh! Rock on. I had not seen that catch, and we discussed that, in my cortege, at Fenway. One of us brought of a glove but he left it in the car. One of us left her debit card somewhere in the stands. We were distracted by the cotton candy, I guess.

    • I love curling for the same reason I love golf. I play neither (do you “play” curling?). Anyway they both have the same deep medulla affect. Not boredom but deep relaxation when watching on TV. Of course with curling I only get to experience it every four years. With golf, after a busy weekend day doing chores I frequently hit the couch in the afternoon for a hour or so of a heavenly “golf nap”. I don’t try too hard to understand it. I don’t want to spoil it.

      • I have played curling. (I don’t know if “playing” is the right term.) I went to an open house the local curling club set up a few years ago and gave it a try. The arthritis keeps me from getting more involved. It’s harder than it looks.
        You can find TV coverage on ESPN or stream it through The World Curling Federation, Curling Canada or a number of other services…that usually require a paid subscription. Or you can hack into live feeds on the computer, but that’s risky business these days.

        I like watching golf when there’s little else on the tube. I used to play when I was younger but gave it up because I could never get the drive down. My short game was excellent. So I opted for mini golf.
        Golf is another game that is much harder than it looks. It requires a great deal of practice and concentration. I like to watch those higher level players as well. If there’s no baseball or hockey on the tube.
        It is easy to get lulled to sleep watching golf. All the announcers whisper!

        But give me a baseball game. Any kind of baseball. The worst thing about not having cable anymore is I have to wait for a game and settle for what the local broadcasters run. Pretty soon hockey will be over and done with for the year (Go Pittsburg!) and then I’ll get a couple of games every weekend…If I’m lucky…if nobody else in the house wants the TV.

  2. Thanks for sharing that. I’m full of warm fuzzy feelings now! During our last Red Sox game, the guy behind us kept yelling (with his Boston accent), “Hit it outta thaa paark, skippa”. We now say that a lot from home when watching.

  3. Fenway is the closest I get to church.

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