Is a Trump supporter taking #BlackLivesMatter signs from a Hartford church?

download (1)For the 12th time since August, someone has taken a #BlackLivesMatter sign from the lawn of the Unitarian Society of Hartford (USH) (that’s the building, above), but this time, they replaced it with a “Trump for President” sign.

The church’s response? From a press release:

“Our faith calls us to build the Beloved Community, and rather than condemn those who steal, we are calling on our political leadership to join us in a call for abundant Love, to renounce racism and embrace justice,” said Rev. Cathy Rion Starr, co-minister of the congregation.

This Sunday, the congregation will celebrate its annual Flower Communion service, where members exchange roses with one another. Before the service, however, members and friends will give roses to people on their way to the University of Hartford graduation, just up the street.  The flowers will include notes calling on all political parties to condemn hate and embrace racial justice. This is part of the national call to action for mostly white faith communities called Love Is Unstoppable byShowing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), a group that organizes people to do precisely that

The USH has been a power for social justice in Hartford since 1830. Their 200 members have their hands in every social justice you can think of. And frankly? They are showing more love than I would over those damn signs.

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  1. Stealing signs from property is serious business where I live. It’s a felony.

    A good practice is to create a file of barcodes or some other unique kind of identifier to secure on the back of the sign. Keep a record of what identifier is on what sign. (You can even purchase little metallized stickers that can resist flames, water damage, etc..) That way, if and when you file a theft report with law enforcement, the sign is identifiable and can be used as evidence of property theft, providing the perpetrator is caught before the signs are destroyed. Each sign that can be identified could be used as evidence of separate thefts, increasing the number of specific crimes that could be charged against a perpetrator. That’s much more serious than one general misconduct offense. It also makes it easier to force accountability in civil court, (fines, TROs, PROs and such).

    But something tells me the USH is probably too forgiving to that far.

    1. That’s a great idea, and one I hadn’t thought of. I would put yard dogs on long chains, myself, but then, I’m not a UU.

      1. Also…if there’s more than one person involved, or an organization, (conspiracy), it becomes a federal matter as yard signs are a tool of political speech, just like money, which is protected under federal law.

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