Read how U.S. poultry factories treat their workers

urunler_1214503675001517Long story short? Among other egregious acts, Big Poultry denies They its workers bathroom breaks, so the workers wear diapers. There are no breaks, no time to stretch, nothing.

A new Oxfam America report, “Lives On the Lines: The High Human Cost of Cheap Chicken,”  says:

The industry squeezes profits and productivity out of these workers. For every dollar spent on McDonald’s McNuggets, only about two cents goes to processing workers. Those workers hang, cut, trim, bread, freeze, and package those chickens—and they get 2 percent of the sale price.

This is in the U.S. Right here.

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  1. That’s disgusting.
    I’m so glad we live in an area where we can carefully source our poultry purchases and have trusted vendors who demand extremely rigid standards from their sources. Happy birds and happy labor makes for happier, and safer, consumers.

    The result is more expensive, (sometimes prohibitively so for too many households), but a better tasting end product, less worry, and a cleaner conscience.

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