How much money does it take?

Catholic-Church-priest-sex-abuse-victims-6P4JRMB-x-largeHow much money does it take to fight clergy sexual abuse accountability? From The Guardian:

The US Catholic church has poured millions of dollars over the past decade into opposing accountability measures for victims of clergy sex abuse, according to state lobbying disclosures.

The lobbying funds have gone toward opposing bills in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland that would extend statutes of limitations for child sex abuse cases or grant temporary civil windows for victims whose opportunities for civil action have already passed.

For. Shame.

And thanks, Cynical, for the link.



4 responses to “How much money does it take?

  1. Guardian link.

    “The pope announced last June he would be setting up a tribunal to investigate bishops who protected predators, but the tribunal reportedly hasn’t even been created yet,” says Anne Barrett Doyle of the watchdog group

    The RCC is incapable of shame. Requisite to shame is some semblance of conscience.

    • This is so disappointing on so many levels. I want to believe this particular pope has his flock’s best interest at heart.

  2. I will never believe that Bergoglio, or Ratzinger, or any other member of RCC hierarchy, has the best interest of their flock “at heart” until the Crimen Sollicitationis is officially renounced and replaced with canonical law requiring all clergy, and church members, to adhere to secular law, without question, on issues involving criminal behavior.

    Anything less is pure public relations bullshit.

    Just like Bergoglio’s most recent statement to nuns on creating a papal commission to examine the possibility of ordaining female deacons. Pure public relations bullshit, jumped on by the press…again, blown out of proportion…again, leading to yet another “clarification” by the official spokesman (Lombardi) of the official spokesman of the RCC.

    • Maybe I’m having a sup from the cup (of good public relations). There are so many people who’ve been wounded by these kinds of priests (and clergy in general). Would that the RCC would lead the way…

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