Donald Trump hates the media

twitter-2He also spends 3.5 times more tweets on the media than he does on big-ticket, big policy issues.

He’s also a Negative Nellie.

You can read more here, from Zachary Crockett, at Vox, who spent months analyzing Candidate Drumpf’s Twitter feed.

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  1. Trump controls the media. Mainstream. Social. Even progressive media sources. Every piece of election coverage is dominated by Trump’s presence and his agenda.

    He has, indeed, “sucked all the air out of the room.” (Leaving large chunks of cash in the vacuum as media reaps the rewards of sensationalism.) As the schism within the Democratic Party grows, and as the Republican Party, right down to Speaker Ryan, forges a separate peace with Trump’s ignorance, his white nationalism, misogyny and nativism, (as Trump voters have already done), the possibility of a Trump Presidency becomes very…frighteningly… real.

    The Democratic Party of Obama and Clinton just isn’t prepared for a fight with Trump. They still think he’s a joke. He’s going to make a fool out of them come November.

    Then? We’re really screwed.

  2. I have huuuuge respect for anyone who can review Drumpf’s twitters and live to tell the tale, not to mention retain his sanity!

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