A course correction


So I’m still reading my Bible every day (you, too, Jac?) in an attempt to read the entire thing straight through this year.

I made three New Year’s resolutions, and this is the only one I’ve kept. The book of Esther was nice (did you know it took Esther an entire year to learn the ways of cosmetology?), Chronicles was deadly, and now I’m into Job, which is a really frustrating book, given that it God comes off as a giant, cosmic cat playing with a mouse, Job, before he kills him. I’ve never liked this story but if I’m going to keep one resolution, I’ll stick with this one. If you want to join in, feel free. The more, the merrier.

(The other two were find a church and learn to play the banjo. I’ve been to precisely one church and I have stored the banjo in a back closet for later…maybe August.)

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  1. I am! I wish I understood how these books were chosen to become part of the Bible. e.g. Why Job? It’s very different from what we’ve read so far.
    I impatiently wait for the good stuff to come and DJ has assured me better stuff is ahead.

      1. I have to really focus while reading Job. I meant I am eager to get to something that really grabs ahold of me and so far I haven’t found it. I think it’s ahead.

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