In this morning’s news…

mic-podium-02…I’m moderating a panel of mayors for the Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association. The mayors will talk about affordable housing in their town, and in this state. I’m looking forward to learning a lot.

In the past few months, I’ve reported about issues in two of these mayors’ towns where the towns did not look good at all. So this won’t be awkward, not even a little bit.

Onward. To a brighter tomorrow.

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  1. Awkward for them or for you?
    Because I just don’t see you as being awkward in this type of situation. Your status as an activist might make some wriggle in their chair a bit, (in my opinion, a good thing), but your commitment to fairness and civility is obviously why the sponsors agreed you would be a great choice to moderate.

    A perfect choice actually.

    1. It was fine. I only had to remind one person that I had the mic and wasn’t done yet. The audience laughed because they thought I was kidding. Tellingly, the only woman on the panel was me, and the only person of color was…well, there weren’t any. That’s not a slam to the organizers. They tried. But the choices of town leaders back here are mostly white and mostly male.

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