Oopsie! Check out this report on white segregated subsidized housing…

segre-4jpg-600x367This is not how things are supposed to work. At all. The University of Minnesota’s Institute of Metropolitan Opportunity just released a report, “The Rise of White-Segregated Subsidized Housing,” that looks at

what they call a new category of subsidized housing—one catering to whiter and comparatively more affluent people than the typical residents of affordable developments. IMO says that while many of these projects, which rely on federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), may advance public policy goals like historic preservation and economic development, they also worsen racial and economic segregation and likely violate fair housing laws. Coining these developments Politically Opportune Subsidized Housing—or “POSH”—IMO suggests that affordable housing development can create segregation not only within and between communities, but also within the subsidized housing system itself.

You can read more here.


4 responses to “Oopsie! Check out this report on white segregated subsidized housing…

  1. “[T]hey capture resources intended for the region’s most disadvantaged, lowest-income families, and repurpose those resources towards the creation of greater segregation – which in turn causes even more harm to those same families.”

    Sounds more like a feature than a bug.

    Capitalism…what a concept.

    Really interesting report. Thanks for posting.

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