Meternity. It’s a thing.

meternity_main1aSo author Meghann Foye (pictured), who doesn’t have children, wants a maternity leave without the lil’ shavers, and she’s calling such a break a “meternity” leave.

That’s a catchy word, but is this supposed to make me mad? It doesn’t. The discussion feels like the fake “mommy wars” of old (or maybe they’re still going on) where women who work outside the home are supposed to do battle with women who work inside the home. I understand the need to promote conflict, but precisely what were we supposed to argue about? Who was the better mommy? And do we really have the time and energy to care about this kind of thing?

Whatever, Mary. Take your me/maternity leave and enjoy, though this rebuttal is pretty funny.


3 responses to “Meternity. It’s a thing.

  1. Publicity stunt promoting a marginal talent. No doubt coming soon to a theater near you after months of regaling Talk Media with her skills as a “content strategist” during otherwise slow news days.

    This? Isn’t helping.

    Loved Bromstein’s rebuttal.

    • I remember being confused by the so-called Mommy Wars in the ’90s. I mean, I’m all about a good dust-up but it actually didn’t anger me that some women worked in their homes. I just couldn’t muster the energy.

      • This isn’t even a good dust-up. It’s just a meme constructed to enhance celebrity…and profit potential.
        The real damage it can cause is that it distracts from and obscures (marginalizes) the conversation we need to continue on the real value of paid maternity leave, (and family leave), to our society and culture.

        Sandberg’s Lean In approach, (Shut up and get back to work), even as modified, has the intellectual bona fides to promote useful dialogue. This? It’s trumpism: unprincipled rhetorical opportunism that constructs an image of authority on a foundation of ignorance. Content strategy.

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