“‘Cos I like it”

Read this, and then blow this little boy a kiss. Four words and he summed the world up nicely.


4 responses to ““‘Cos I like it”

  1. I hope Mom finds another toy store.

    • Who would even say that to a child, no matter the gender? I guess this person would, but yeesh! I can remember being urged away from the ball gloves. I had dolls, but I pretty much liked baseball better. I still do. Should people fear that?

      • What businessperson would say that to a customer? In a toy store?

        I can understand completing the purchase because the child was present and obviously loved that pram. But I really hope Mom finds a new store next time…if she can.

        Should people fear that?
        I don’t think so. But I was raised in a time when fear and loathing was not a part of our daily diet. It was there, of course. But we were taught fear was something to be defeated, not consumed.

        Now it’s a commodity…like breakfast cereal. It’s packaged for effect and mass marketed. The more people consume it, the more they want. We’re fat with it. And we’re told that’s normal.

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