Maybe Christians can ease off the judgment pedal a little

lady-gaga-instagramI love this essay, from Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, about Lady Gaga and the Eucharist.

Sr. Theresa asked when we became (I’m paraphrasing) all about the rules and nothing about the spirit. I wish I knew. I sometimes suffer from that, myself.

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  1. From my pew, Christianity never was judgmental and isn’t today. It’s not in my Christian church.

    Some Christians (not all) use Christianity to be judgmental. Oddly, it gives them power to not be nice. I appreciate this essay a lot, but worry a little when all types of Christians are lumped together with the judge-y Christians. I wish the blame for these behaviors would go back to the individuals, rather than onto an entire religion.

    1. That’s a good point. Probably because I come from a tribe intent on sitting in the judgment seat, this, for me, is an accurate description of far too many Christians. But you’re right. Not all of them sit there and pass judgment. Some actually try to live like Jesus, who didn’t have time to judge.

      1. It is frustrating to see us UCC Christians (and other liberal Christians) left out of view, leaving the nasties to represent “Christianity”. Unfortunately, the nasties often end up with loud mouths, or get the media mic, and are drawn to politics. You and the rest of us other Christians are too busy doing the work that is aligned with Jesus following.

  2. Love saves. Compassion Cures.
    That’s the core principle informing every lesson set down in the New Testament. Every single one.

    You don’t have to believe in gods, demons, angels, spirits, priests, preachers, popes, churches, rituals…or transubstantiation…to get that.

    Once Christianity became politicalized and militarized (Constantine), the prerequisite for adherence to that core principle (tolerance) was essentially abandoned. Men created rules that allowed them to ignore that core principle and impose conditions necessary to gaining acceptance into the religious community (Salvation). The first being? Intolerance.

    I have great respect for Lady Gaga. I think she gets it. I really do.

    But I think Sr. Theresa isn’t being honest with herself. She’s conveniently ignoring relevant facts. (A problem for Christianity generally but particularly for Catholics.) Those rules she’s concerned with… those value judgments that she regards as a hindrance to her brand of spirituality…were created by her Church. A very long time ago.

    Hate and discontent within Christianity didn’t just happen. It was created. By Christians. Politicalized. Militarized. Catholics.

      1. I didn’t. (“Men created rules…)
        Just neglected to emphasize the word in the comment.

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