Before you speak about religion…

11923268_614917071984915_4414159041523918454_nAnd thanks, Cynical, for this.


7 responses to “Before you speak about religion…

  1. Cory Booker said that?
    How did he ever get elected to The Senate?

    • Really? I liked the quote. You don’t?

      • I like the quote. A lot.

        I just couldn’t connect it to Booker. I’ve always seen him as a Party operative/Obama surrogate and that quote is just a little too radical, too much of a departure from the usual DNC scripts on religion.

        His connections to business and finance…especially private equity…sectors probably temper DNC tolerance a bit.

        The same way Booker tempers his responses to Trump.

        • Good point. But I’ve liked Booker since that documentary about his first election.

          • He’s a personable guy…and a savvy politician. This doesn’t necessarily make him a hypocrite. But the color of the money in his pocket gives me pause.

            • Is there a politician who doesn’t have funny money in his/her pocket/purse?

              That sounds more cynical (sorry, Cynical Susan) than I mean. I was giving my pretend-acceptance speech in my car last night, the one where after I trounce my opponent for U.S. Senate, and in my speech, I promised to only serve one term. That way, the color of money is meaningless to me.

              • Hard to find…especially since our political system relies on it. Even Sanders has some in his coffers. (See sector totals.)

                Money corrupts politics. Campaigns need to be publicly financed. Lobbying needs to be severely curtailed. Among other things.

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