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  1. Exactly. Do I remember one of them saying something like “it’s sad, but it’s the price of freedom?”

  2. The NRA has been terribly corrupted. Plain and simple.

    Back in my youth (the 1950s and early 1960s), the NRA was all about gun safety (they truly were fanatics about that, and rightfully so) and about marksmanship. Back then I thought it was an admirable organization. I was a member, and I had marksmanship badges galore.

    But now the NRA is nothing but a whore for the gun industry. The NRA dispenses propaganda for the weak-minded to become paranoid killers, and it defends ridiculous positions (e.g., guns are fine for terrorists to acquire) .

    And Wayne LaPierre? Would a second amendment solution applied to him help with his message?

    Would outing Wayne and his family and associates and friends help? That is what gun nuts do to people who don’t orgasm about guns.

    What about similarly outing other NRA executives, or the executives in the PR firms that promote guns? Names, addresses, phone numbers, routines, work routes to work, habitual parking places, favorite restaurants, their church,
    etc., that sort of stuff?

    What about outing in similar fashion anybody who stockpiles guns and/or ammo?

    You know, the way gun nuts do about those who are concerned about guns everywhere for everybody all the time.

    1. My husband was a member of the NRA, but he gave up his membership around the same time Pres. George Bush (the first) gave up his, precisely for the reasons you mention above. They moved far, far, far afield from gun safety.

      As for outing people, I, of course, am on board, but then I have to stop a minute. What you win people with, you win them to. I learned that in bus ministry. Is it worth it to get nasty? (From this blog, my answer is yeah, kinda, but….)

      1. I was an NRA member until the political arm of the organization, the Legislative Affairs Division led by original paranoid nutbag Harlan Carter, took control in 1977, (The Cincinnati Revolution).

        It’s all been downhill from there.
        I’m not surprised the NRA endorsed Trump. They both employ the same media content strategy: unprincipled rhetorical opportunism that constructs an image of authority on a foundation of ignorance.

      2. Gun safety measures are almost portrayed as threatening to the NRA now!

        I really wish I could have seen you in action in the bus ministry and knocking on doors. It’s hard to imagine you doing that now.

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