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  1. I’ve tried a few times to get involved with DNA projects like this, but haven’t been successful. I’ve approached the subject with both the maternal and paternal sides of my family but there doesn’t seem to be much interest.

    There’s an extensive written history of my paternal genealogy dating back to the early 1600s, which may be the reason for a lack of interest there. But there’s questions on paternal lineage here that I think a DNA project could shed some light on.

    My maternal lineage is much murkier, especially pre-migration from northern Europe. When last I broached the subject to members of that side of the family, (my generation), there was no interest. A rather emphatic no interest, actually. The newer generation is trying to gather all of us old survivors together for next summer. If I have a chance to attend, I might bring it up again.

    I think this type of thing is really valuable. I wish it was more readily available.

    • I wish it was, as well. I have an aunt on my father’s side who did this, and the only surprise was that we have roots in Scandinavia. That was pretty cool, because it was something I didn’t already know.

      • I have a little Scandinavian in me, too, on my mother’s side. My parents did this with Ancestry DNA and some of the results were very surprising.

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