This is my President.

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  1. I think putting all the blame on the NRA for our general inability to regulate firearms sales to folks with a questionable browsing history is just a bit of a stretch. But he does make a valid point. Nothing he’s done on the issue…nothing he’s proposed…has accomplished anything but a huge increase in domestic arms sales.

  2. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are right that the problem is not solely the NRA. But where are you heading with this?

    You say….. “Nothing [Obama]’s done on the issue…nothing [Obama]’s proposed…has accomplished anything but a huge increase in domestic arms sales.”

    That could be read as you, leftover, saying that Obama has done nothing to stem or decrease arms sales. Is that what you meant? What the hell do you think Obama could have done or proposed to decrease arms sales? Particularly in the face of the fact that so many people bought guns and huge amounts of ammunition because of fear of confiscation.

    But what you said also could be read as you saying that what Obama has done (or said) has INCREASED arms sales.

    What are you saying, exactly?

    What do you think has caused the “huge increase in domestic arms sales?” Are you in favor of that increase? Or are you worried about it?

    Could the increase in gun sales have anything to do with Obama being black? Could it have anything to do with conservative propaganda Kool Aid scaring the weak-minded about FEMA camps, about the gubmint cummin to take y’alls freedom-fighting guns?

    What would you rather have Obama do? Or for that matter what would you have any president do about the problem of guns everywhere for everybody all the time?

    Or doesn’t that prospect concern you?

    • What I’m saying exactly is that nothing Obama has done, or proposed, has accomplished anything on the issue of gun proliferation in America. I am repeating his own admission that individual gun sales have skyrocketed during his Administration.

      I’m not going to play the identity politics game with you, Dick. If you think that makes me a racist? Just stop reading now.

      The huge increase in gun sales are probably due to a number of factors. But from the perspective of a President, or a legislator, or a victim, or a gun dealer, or a ISIL fan, the reason is obvious: nothing has been done to abate that proliferation. Nothing. Obama implies he cannot keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. Show me what legislation has been proposed, what regulation proposed, what hint of action has been taken on the part of the government to keep guns out of the hands of people the government suspects as being terrorists. (Is it even possible based on internet browsing history alone? Ask the ACLU.) The government has rolled over and plays dead on the issue of gun control, and then blames the NRA for its own malfeasance. That’s bullshit, Dick. High-order bourgeois bullshit ordered up and delivered by neoliberal Democrats in power who have absolutely no interest in gun violence or threats to public health and safety beyond the political capital a little tokenism can create during election cycles.

      I would have Obama, or any legislator, or any activist, righteously concerned with the proliferation of firearms in America, and the threat to public health and safety such proliferation represents, to make every effort, within the law, to effectively regulate gun ownership and constrain the proliferation of unusually dangerous firearms. Empty rhetoric, token reformism, ridiculous legislation, unenforceable regulations and complete capitulation to the opposition do not work.

      I would have Obama, or any other President, be a leader on this issue. Not an apologist for failure. More than a bullshit artist exploiting media moments and photo ops. (In particular, now that the path forward has been cleared, I would have a Lame Duck Obama, who no longer has cause to fear NRA retaliation, provide every available resource to assist the civil suit brought by Sandy Hook survivors against Remington and Bushmaster. That is currently the most important action concerning gun control we have. Even a partial victory in that case could be an important step toward effective and sustainable firearm regulation in America.)

      So…I guess what I’m saying exactly, Dick, is that Obama is as full of shit as the man who asked that question. If you’re surprised by that, you haven’t been paying attention.

  4. Thanks for the extensive reply, leftover. Nothing surprising there, although phraseology like “[h]igh-order bourgeois bullshit ordered up and delivered by neoliberal Democrats” is expansive and colorful. I agree with you that the Sandy Hook lawsuit may test some useful theories to be added to the gun control effort; time will tell. Gun violence does pose a threat to public health, in my opinion, and it appears that we agree regarding that. That said, it looks like we may have some differences regarding who the major culprits might be.

    • You have to look at the big picture. The NRA is doing the same thing the NRA has been doing since 1977. What has empowered and what continues to empower NRA success in the public square is cowardice and corruption in Congress…on both sides of the aisle…and a lack of committed leadership from The White House…which…as far as gun control is concerned…is most prominently displayed in the Democratic Party.

      When Scalia wrote the majority opinion in Heller, he laid out, in his own inimitable fashion, the groundwork for achieving the type of gun control legislation Americans want while preserving the protections in, and the integrity of, the 2nd Amendment. The only people thus far who have acted on his foundation, as far as I know, is Blommie’s Everytown group and the Sandy Hook survivors involved in the lawsuit against Remington and Bushmaster. (Who took advantage of bad lawthe Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act of 1994…to flood the market withunusually dangerous firearms, not previously in common use, which encouraged mass consumer reaction.)

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