Good God…

downloadSome asylum seekers who are Christians are rejected if they can’t recite the Ten Commandments.

Here’s weird: Christians do not, as a rule, follow the Ten Commandments (the language at that link is a little ignorant, but you’ll get the gist). So asking Christians to recite the Ten Commandments would be akin to asking a Jew to recite the Sermon on the Mount (which, let’s be honest, most Christians can’t do, either).



3 responses to “Good God…

  1. Jesus, help us! When will some Christians learn to accept all people because they are fellow souls, worthy of love.

  2. Are you suggesting that many if not most “Christians” really aren’t? If you are, I’d agree.

    • “Christian” is a label that Jesus did not use or create. People label themselves. Are they Christians? If they say so, they are. Are they all following Jesus’ example? I don’t think so. Still. Does it anger me that some behave with hate and proclaim themselves as Christian? Yes. It also bothers me that the range of who is Christian is often minimized. Yet, I can only begin to imagine what that feels like for Muslims.

      While these awful things occur (& they should be called out), we should also not forget there are many good people gathering as Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faith and interfaith groups, to quietly care for and love all people. These people believe loving acts are core to their religious beliefs. Along with some of my church members, I have served food to those who needed it alongside my Muslim neighbors. We have the same desire to lend a hand and we are happy to do that together. There is no superiority of religion or religious groups within a religion when we put love above desire for power, control, and judgment.

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