Is gardening more meaningful than voting in a rigged political system?

download (1)Now that I have hour attention, read this.

Because I am a champeen voter, I almost didn’t read the piece because of the headline, but then I got over me, and read it. Very thought-provoking. I hope you enjoy it, too.


5 responses to “Is gardening more meaningful than voting in a rigged political system?

  1. More meaningful?
    It would depend on the person, I suppose.
    While all the things in Elle’s bullet list might be accomplished, in varying degrees, through individual/collective gardening, those alone will not alter “the control matrix.” Only collective political activism can do that.

    Speaking from the land of big skies and open spaces where individual/collective gardening represents a significant part of our local\State food economy, as it has for generations, (I live in The Garden City), it has done little or nothing to challenge “the control matrix.”

    • (I was hoping you’d weigh in, and thank you.)

      • I’ve gardened. I’ve gardened fruit. I’ve gardened vegetables. I’ve gardened fruit and vegetables and herbs. I’ve even Zen Gardened, (the easiest).

        My brother, sister-in-law and I, and some occasional friends, worked a three-quarter acre plot for six seasons. I can testify from experience that getting enough food out of the ground to even partially sustain an individual or small family from late fall through late spring, while rewarding…and tasty…is damn difficult work. Damn difficult. And time consuming. Especially if it’s sans Monsanto.

        And the three of us still wound up hating each other. It takes more than a garden to build solidarity among disparate groups.

  2. I knew that name sounded familiar:
    with Knox’s Charmaine Craig
    I’m kinda partial to the Sweet Potato Project!

  3. Getting out there and being the change (whether it’s gardening or something else) is certainly empowering and effective on a small scale. Getting out there to assist in placing people into homes, distributing food where needed, supporting refugee resettlement… does something when voting feels like it may do nothing. Maybe it is more meaningful for a single voter, but we need everyone out there voting, too, because it’s how we have a say on how things get done in a broader way. Good for the people out there creating their own food sources by gardening! I wish I could do that.

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