Sen. Murphy? We salute you.

BN-OM742_SENATE_P_20160615155416Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy (a Democrat) took the lead filibustering for gun legislation yesterday, and went for nearly 15 hours — fifteen before yielding the floor with the promise of a Senate vote. From Politico:

Murphy formally yielded at 2:11 a.m. Thursday after delivering an emotional tribute to two Sandy Hook victims – 6-year-old Dylan Hockley and a teacher’s aide, Anne Marie Murphy, who was fatally shot while trying to shield Hockley from bullets.

Jaysus. Sandy Hook (the Newtown shooting) is still pretty raw here. Murphy took office shortly after that massacre, and every subsequent shooting remind us of those children, those teachers, dead at the hand of a mentally ill young man with a semiautomatic rifle.

Will this move the Senate out of their complacency to vote to — at the very least — banning people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns (no fly, no buy)? and expand background checks to include gun shows and internet sales? Watching the proceedings last night (I lasted until just after midnight, when I fell asleep with an ear bud stuck in my ear), I felt a brief moment of hope that maybe, just maybe, we can work toward some kind of solution. I mean, Jesus H. Can’t we do that? At minimum?

We are old. We are tired. It is difficult to gain our fealty, much less our enthusiasm, but last night was inspiring to the extreme, and the next time I see Sen. Murphy and his colleague. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (it’s a small state and the chances are good), I am going to give them a big ol’ hug. I’ve never met Sen. Cory Booker, but if that should occur, he gets a hug, too.


4 responses to “Sen. Murphy? We salute you.

  1. House Democrats also staged a protest, led by your Jim Himes of Connecticut’s 4th.

    Expanding background checks should have been done years ago, (despite the fact the existing background check process is seriously flawed, as was demonstrated last year by Dylan Roof). But the NRA bought 5 Republicans and the proposal died.

    The demonstrations in Congress are a good thing. However….

    Returning to Feinstein’s proposal to ban firearm sales to the more than 400,000 on the “terrorist watchlist” (Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment/TIDE), which includes a 4 year old child, is little more than a knee-jerk reaction. It has not received general bipartisan support to this point because it’s bad law heaped on more bad law.

    “What we have today is a massive watch listing system based on vague and over broad criteria that risks stigmatizing hundreds of thousands of people, including Americans, as known or suspected terrorists based on secret evidence and without a meaningful process to challenge government error and clear their names,” said Hina Shamsi, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s national security project.

    Business as usual? You betcha. However, cleaving to that in an emotional response sidelines some crucial facts:
    •Mateen was not on any watchlist. The FBI took him off the list after two separate investigations did not reveal any discernible link to international terrorist groups.
    •The tragedy in Orlando was an act of domestic terrorism, a hate crime targeting the LGBTQ community perpetrated by a lone wolf gunman, who, like everybody else in this country, had easy access to uniquely dangerous firearms.
    •Sidelining those particular facts unfairly empowers more hate and discontent against all Muslims and lets completely off the hook those politicians and preachers, (like this fool), who routinely legitimize hate and discontent against the LBGTQ community.
    •Expanding background checks and using bad law to restrict firearms sales is not gun control. It’s people control. Not just people wanting to acquire firearms. But everybody.
    •The vast majority of mass public killings in this country involve firearms acquired legally.
    •And if Donald Trump thinks using TIDE to restrict firearms sales is a good idea…if Donald Trump and the NRA think they can make it work? Something is seriously…seriously…wrong with it.

    I understand and appreciate that this is an extremely emotional issue, especially for the people in Connecticut and elsewhere who have lost so much because of our collective inability to quell such attacks or even abate the damage they inflict. We must remember, though, that the root cause of these failures is a cowardly and corrupt Congress unduly influenced by special interests who have absolutely no concern for public health and safety. We must guard against being manipulated by such self-serving hypocrites yet again. If we continue to placated by self-serving hypocrites more concerned with their careers than public health and safety? We become the problem.

    • Jennifer Coleman

      I’m sorry but 32 toddlers have shot someone this year. Boo hoo to your stupid its a bad law. Maybe 50 people would be alive If this so called bad law was enforces. But we will never get a chance to know now will we nor will the parents of the sandy hook who well you know those laws that protect us that you don’t care have loopholes and you don’t care how much politicians get to vote them down. Maybe you should talk to those parents. Because only when your family is affected will people like you care

      • I believe Leftover can certainly speak
        For himself, but I’d be careful saying what someone knows. We don’t know what someone knows. And we can’t ever decide who cares about what.

      • “…If this so called bad law was enforces.”
        As I mentioned, even if Feinstein’s proposal was law, it would have made no difference in the case of Mateen because he was not on any watchlist.

        Name for me any of the mass public killings over the last ten years or so that were perpetrated by anyone listed on TIDE.

        You obviously aren’t familiar with any of my other comments on gun control posted here. If you were, you would know I have been a consistent critic of legislative and regulatory loopholes like time limits, grandfathering, exemptions given to manufacturers, gun dealers and modifiers…like the bullet button…that defeats legislative intent.

        To assume my family has not been affected by gun violence is an error…a serious error.

        To claim I have no empathy for Sandy Hook victims, Orlando victims, or anyone else directly affected by our collective failures to forestall mass public killing is an insult. Bite me.

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