A year ago today…

150625-ethel-lance-02-mt-1254_c8998f49b44e7720001714d268adcfa2.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000…a bigot-coward shot up a church in Charleston, S.C., and killed nine church-goers, with whom he’d been studying the Bible.

Prayer and Bible study continue at the church. Here. Read this, from the daughter of a woman killed at the church.

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  1. “…washed away the severity of the larger issues at hand.”
    Business as usual from the Empty Rhetoric™ Marketplace.

    1. What does it take? We have dead school children piled atop one another. We have Christians gunned down at Bible study, gays shot dead on the dance floor. What. Does. It. Take?

      1. (I didn’t mean to imply Risher’s quote constituted empty rhetoric. Rereading that makes me feel qualification is needed.)

        A good start would be political leaders more committed to public health and safety than their own ambition. That takes a courage in rare supply among American politicians.

        Americans must reject the continual manufacture of consent for reformism that does absolutely nothing to change this horrific status quo. The answers are not as difficult as our leaders…or the secular clerics of the MSM…would have us believe. But those answers…even proposing those answers…threatens the system of Economic-Elite Domination and Biased Pluralism that keeps these leaders, and their secular clerics, in power. So we keep getting fed the same horseshit every time something like this happens. “This is as good as it gets,” our leaders and the media keep telling us. So the charade continues. And the despair and ressentiment that goes along with it. They feed it on it. Like cannibals.

        Maybe this time will be different. Maybe. So far? Not so much.

      2. That was heartbreaking, and yeah, forgiveness may or may not come.
        It takes all of us voting out the NRA puppets. IMO, the NRA is a terrorist group. They are a threat to American lives.

        1. Voting out the NRA puppets? I agree wholeheartedly.
          Terrorist group? Not so much. The NRA represents at least 500,000 Americans with some pretty diverse opinions on firearms. Are they all terrorists?

          1. They may not be terrorists, but the organization walks a very fine line. I don’t believe all their members support everything they’ve stood for, particularly in the last 10 or so years. We stopped being a member because of their ignorant stances on promoting ignorance around gun violence.

            1. I’m tired of giving a pass to people who give money to organizations who do harm, while they claim they also do some good things, too. The NRA is upstream from actual terrorists and murderers, but they are part of the chain. They are responsible (though not entirely) for making military type assault weapons available to terrorists and murderers in our country, while fighting any attempts to prevent it. I say they carry some responsibility for enabling terrorists like the guy in Orlando. The individuals who provide financial support to the NRA have blood on their hands. We hold countries responsible for selling weapons to our enemies and terrorist groups. Why shouldn’t the NRA be also held accountable, given more deaths occur from firearms than all wars put together? They enable and protect weapons sales to anyone, including those who wish to do harm.

            2. I’ve listened to a lot of horseshit from the NRA over the last thirty years or so. But when it comes to crossing the line? I see much more of that happening in church than anywhere else. When it comes to inciting hate and discontent…fear and loathing…ressentimentviolence…nobody does it better than religion. Nobody.

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