The inventor of the AR-15 never meant for this to happen

a_ov_ar15_160614.nbcnews-ux-1080-600The family of Eugene Stoner says he never intended the gun to be in the hands of civilians.


2 responses to “The inventor of the AR-15 never meant for this to happen

  1. The long rifle used by Mateen was not an AR-15. It was a Sig Sauer MCX (Black Mamba). While it shares lethality and some cosmetic similarities to the AR-15, and will accept AR-15 ammunition, (it can utilize a variety of calibers), it is fundamentally a completely different weapon. Stoner’s AR-15, like all civilian models, uses a direct impingement, gas propelled, system to eject spent shells and reload the firing chamber. The MCX uses a piston system for ejecting shells and reloading. The same system used in the Russian AK-47, the weapon Stoner sought to improve upon.

    The MCX is a light weight, highly accurate, modular long rifle, (able to be customized in short order to accommodate specific functions in a broad scope of environments), originally developed for use by US Special Forces military. The civilian model is manufactured in new Hampshire.

    Like all semiautomatic firearms with removable high capacity magazines, it has no business being in the civilian marketplace.

  2. Similarly, I suspect the authors of the second ammendment never meant for this to happen, too.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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