The end of the world, Part 1

znys7ui8stuqimy2vn5pMike the Heathen sends this, a news story about Mac N’ Cheetos, a Burger King confection that is  deep-fried macaroni and cheese sticks with Cheetos breading. From that link:

To put it in old, worn-out meme terms, they heard you liked cheese, so they put cheese in their cheese. Also macaroni. Whatever.

Personally, I’d rather lick a truck tire, but I know that one woman’s truck tire is another woman’s idea of heaven.


2 responses to “The end of the world, Part 1

  1. But do they glow in the dark?

    My housemate used to love snacking on Cheetos while watching TV sports. One day, during a particularly stressful match, he overindulged a little and, without thinking, reached down to scratch the doggie’s belly. The white doggie.
    Shiba’s being particularly fastidious about their ablutions, said doggie labored diligently for about 20 minutes to remove the orange stain on his belly. Then he got up, went to the door, and puked…and puked…and puked again…regurgitating a singularly gross and stanky mixture of Cheeto orange foam. Once outside, he chomped down a few good mouthfuls of grass that he puked up as soon as he got back in the house. Right on his master’s shoes.

    My housemate went back to Fritos. The doggie loves Fritos.

    • Poor dog. I don’t even know what’s in the coating of my favorite Doritos. I’ve cut waaay back because I can’t possibly eat enough grass to counter that nasty stuff.

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