Seen on a Boston T car:

FullSizeRenderWe were coming back from a Red Sox game and I saw this pink Post-it note and of course had to go over and read it. For years, I’ve made it a habit to read publicly-posted notes, because what if they are actually meant for me? On a New Year’s Day hike 100 years ago, I came across a piece of paper stuck onto a branch that said something like, “For lack of honesty, all was lost.” I thought that was so pithy I stuck it in my pocket and carried it around in my wallet for years. I’d just broken up with a boyfriend and it seems fitting.

This Post-it is a puzzler. I thought to apply it to the House sit-in, but how did the person leaving the note know that was going to happen? Maybe the note’s meant for you, not me. If so, you’re welcome.


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