Rapture = School’s out forever

The Texas state Supreme Court has sided with a family that chose not to educate their children whilst awaiting the Rapture. The court did not, however, define how and whether home-schooled students should be educated.

(For you uninitiated, here’s more on what means “the Rapture.”)

As Mike the Heathen says — well, I stole the headline from him. As Jac says, stupid is OK if you’re waiting for the Rapture. Either way, thanks to the both of you for alerting me to yet another example of Christians Gone Wild.®



7 responses to “Rapture = School’s out forever

  1. Kind of a Win/Win for everybody, it appears.

  2. I think the devil is whispering, “Keep ’em stupid and you maintain control”, to the conservative dominated Texas Supreme Court. At least this happened! http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/27/politics/supreme-court-abortion-texas/

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