Hero trucker knew signs of human trafficking and acted

downloadKevin Kimmel [pictured], a trucker from Florida, stepped in when he thought he saw signs of human trafficking and by doing so, he saved a young victim from unspeakable horrors. For that, he received an award from Truckers Against Trafficking.

When asked why he acted, Kimmel said simply, “I’ve got daughters.”

Over the last few years, I’ve stopped thinking this happens in other places. I no longer think that way.

Here are some signs to watch out for, for the rest of us.


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  1. Thank goodness for Kevin Kimmel! We need a lot more people like him to pay attention, and we need harsher penalties for the (by and large) men who are engaged in this activity, IMO. It is shocking, but it is right here and everywhere. The victims generally include those with little voice or power, who have little to no support. That includes minors living within an easy drive from almost anywhere. They become invisible, and so it often goes on without consequences. No one is looking out for some of these people being victimized, which is very sad. Let’s face it, we generally aren’t talking about victimization of wealthy people so that, I believe, is a factor. I’m glad this guy spoke up. I wish politicians and public officials cared more about stopping this.

  2. Human trafficking cases doubled last year in my little corner of paradise. It’s a very serious problem that keeps getting worse every year.

    1. It’s a big damn deal here in patrician Connecticut, and not so much on the highways (young women held against their will for sex) but working in chi-chi towns for next-to-nothing with no days off, forced slavery, as it were. It’s shameful.

      1. It’s mostly sex trade around here….and mostly children. Imported and exported. The Native community is particularly vulnerable.

        1. That is a problem here, too, involving preteens, teens, & Young adults. It goes well beyond importing people from other countries into sex slavery. Kids born here, with limited options, get lured in and then trapped, with no one caring enough to rescue or guide them to a better life. It’s very sad.

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