Massachusetts’ mental health system is broken

Title-SpotlightRead the Boston Globe’s Spotlight’s latest effort. And thanks, Jac, for sending the link.

And don’t think, just because you don’t live in Massachusetts, that things are cool in your state. They’re not. If other states had these kinds of reporters, they’d tell sadly similar stories.

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  1. There is…essentially…no mental healthcare system in this country because it does not generate sufficient profits to satisfy healthcare market demands.
    There will be…essentially…no mental healthcare system in this country until profit is removed as the sole determining factor in healthcare rationing.

    Even then, it’s going to require radical change to our healthcare system funding process and decades of commitment to begin to provide adequate care for the victims of mental illness.

  2. I think my comment disappeared into the internet. We sure do have a long way to go on treatment, as you pointed out leftover. When working on a few psych floors, there were known patients who were frequently in and out. They weren’t getting the treatment or support they needed once released. Today’s hospitals aren’t set up to be long term care facilities, and yet some people cannot and may never manage independently. Long term treatment and support is tough to get for many. De-institutionalization was said to be the humane thing to do, but I wonder if it was going too far. When you think about it, we do best at providing long term facilities for people who land in jail. Sadly, that’s where some mentally ill people end up, with victims of crime suffering, too, as a result. How humane is that?

    1. Sorry. Am I missing a comment? I went back looking and there aren’t any pending that haven’t already been approved.

      1. Kind of like when welfare was upended. Nothing was created to really take its place.

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