My fellow ‘Muricans…

jurandoPart of becoming a citizen of the U.S. of A. is taking some tests. The civics test makes sure the would-be citizen knows enough about American history to, well, pass a test.

I took a civics practice test and got 90 percent. I missed the year the Constitution was written (by two years, but that counts) and I mis-identified a state I actually know very well.

I’m not proud of that. Here. See how you do.


13 responses to “My fellow ‘Muricans…

  1. I missed two.
    Never take a test before coffee.

  2. 20/20, but I’ve had my coffee. And when I was a youngster, one semester of Civics was still required in my high school.

  3. I missed one and shame on me for not knowing the answer! I’m glad I wasn’t given the same test as you, DJ. I admit, I wouldn’t have known 1787. Now I do, so thanks!

  4. I got 20 – but I didn’t have any 1787 q&a. What Sharon said about the civics requirement in high school – time to bring it back. My US History barely got to WWII.

  5. I got 20 out of 20 and I am a carpenter Drop and give me 20 Campbell

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