Why can’t a woman…

e5eef4f13332f65cfac7371964147dde…fold herself into a very tiny space that God never wanted, that God never intended?

Here. Read this. I grew up with this kind of twisted theology. I read this aloud to my husband in the car yesterday.

I heard “act like a lady” more than I heard “I love you” or “you’re smart, keep at it.” I heard “act like a lady” when I talked too loud, when I played sports too well, when I showed my wide competitive streak in just about every endeavor. “Act like a lady,” which meant, to me, not show some backbone and strength and reach out and reach up but shut up, sit down, and stop taking up space.

When people learn from an early age that someone out there — a woman, an African American, a Syrian Muslim — is less than they are, then they begin to act accordingly. From all kinds of evil flows this kind of thinking. I don’t have the time to pray for people still espousing this sewage. I’d rather stand up, speak out, and fight. And that to me, is precisely what a woman does.


5 responses to “Why can’t a woman…

  1. This “Biblical gender roles” is just plain horseshit.

    Women are mentioned throughout the Bible, Old and New Testaments, in various roles outside the traditional structure of the home,(as Bright Boy defines it), as having had substantial and significant influence in the development of Judeo-Christian society and culture.

    Then there’s…you know…history. Full of powerful and influential Christian women not hobbled by what Bight Boy says is God’s Plan.

    The man(?) who wrote says he’s waiting for God to tell him when it will be safe to reveal his secret identity.
    If there is a God. And if He loves Bright Boy. Larry’s going to be waiting a good loooong time. We know who he’s going to be voting for, though. You betcha!

  2. I just read the post at the link to my wife. I sure hope, for both your sakes, that he was driving. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with women drivers.

  3. A-women! God, I love you, DJ! These supposed Biblical gender roles are exactly what leftover said, a big stinking pile of horseshit! People forget that the essence of religious ethics & love, is separate from the culture & social practices from over 2000 friggin’ years ago!

  4. Cynical Susan

    “We as Christians can turn this around …” You’ll have to remind me: what exactly did Jesus say about women in subservient roles?

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