Men who harass women online are losers

Internet-Troll-Meme-10This study says so.

And you can read more here. Perhaps those of you who have been visiting this blog for very long can remember a few losers we’ve had to flush. We’d pray for them, but who has the time?

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  1. While I agree with the premise, I’m not convinced that only 163 games of just one video game, (Halo 3, one of the most intense first person shooters in the market), supports a definitive conclusion, (as implied in the WaPo coverage). I haven’t read the full report, but I’m wondering if that kind of highly competitive, and aggressively violent, video gaming environment can indeed be a suitable “proxy” for internet comment boxes and social media where no comparable competition is actually present.

    First person shooters like Halo 3 only make up about 20% of the market (PDF). I’m wondering how similar research involving massive multiplayer RPGs, like World of Warcraft, (which involve more strategy and player involvement in team environments), might affect Kasumovic’s and Kuznekoff’s conclusions.

    1. That’s a great question. I’m wondering who’s done the definitive survey of online comments. I have a snootful of information about that, though it’s all anecdotal.

      1. I don’t think a definite study of trolls is possible when anonymity is the rule. It cannot even be stated decisively that the vast majority of internet trolls are actually male. Or fall into the same age/gender demographic averages as Halo 3 players.

        Assumptions do not make for good science.

          1. Well…yeah….I think there’s enough evidence to support that. Or at least enough evidence to support the assumption they’re assholes when they’re online. They could be repressed assholes when faced with actual social contact… where being an asshole can get you knocked on your facebook.

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