How can white people talk to each other about racism?

racism-blind-to-racismWell, sure, but rather than get into a shouting match, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions, drawn from various sources, like this, from The Dot, and this, from The Seattle Globalist, and this, from Baltimore Racial Justice Action.

In short:

  • Get educated
  • Prepare for defensiveness
  • Stay calm
  • Be personal
  • Understand that racism can be subtle
  • You will probably fail the first few times out

What else? What am I missing?

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  1. Listen
    Mentioned in 2 of your sources, (the third wasn’t really about what to do but what not to do).
    Make sure you clearly understand what you’re hearing.

    As for me, I would try not to make it personal in order to avoid defensive posturing.

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