To send you on your way…

christian1Awkward Christian music covers. You’re welcome. And thanks, Melissa.


6 responses to “To send you on your way…

  1. Okay…I remember all that hair…but…
    Look at the Holland Trio.

    Now if you were a desk clerk at a hotel in Cleveland……

  2. These faces and hair are going to cause nightmares. There is just something …menacing…about them.

  3. A pizza joint I used to frequent had a velour art gallery. There was one with Jesus cradling a 18 wheeler in his hands as it raced up to heaven. These album covers remind me of my regret for not buying that. I’d bring it to Cleveland and auction it off at the Drumpf Fest. Yooge profits.

  4. Is it me, or is that Jay Leno on the right???

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