Are atheists trustworthy people?

download (1)This priest says no, because atheists don’t have eternal damnation hanging over them. Because if you’re not afraid of punishment, what is your motivation to be good?

Phew. People think like this, eh?

And thanks, DickG., for the link.


One response to “Are atheists trustworthy people?

  1. “You can’t fake religion.”
    Father Smarmy may have a point, however.
    Can we trust atheist politicians to lie through their teeth just to get elected exactly like Christian politicians?
    I think not.
    “It certainly makes a difference on who that person is.”
    How true. Any career minded American politician who admits to being an atheist proves themselves automatically to be more trustworthy…and courageous…than the liars and hypocrites currently entrenched in our government’s religulous majority.

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