Cops and kids

Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OCI wrote this for Mother Courant.


One response to “Cops and kids

  1. We were talking about stuff like this just yesterday.
    My housemate and I grew up in the same State, about the same time, about 150 miles apart. We entered adulthood with totally different attitudes about law enforcement. I attribute that to the social interaction I had with various members of police and the sheriff’s departments growing up. They were everywhere. They were friends. They were family. They were customers at my father’s business. They were people who honked and waved at you on the street…and you waved back.

    Things have changed here. Especially with public attitudes toward the police. Even attitudes toward the Sheriff’s Dept. seem strained at times, although that’s more about politics than about malfeasance or misconduct.

    I think programs like you write about are important…really important. But that’s just one piece of a puzzle.

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