I stand with Anne Dickerson, a Republican

This took a lot of guts to speak out like this at a Republican platform committee meeting last week. Delegate Anne Dickerson wasn’t supported. Kudos to her for trying.

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  1. Too bad that’s the only surprise from Cleveland last week…other than Ted Cruz becoming the voice of moderation at the convention. One of the commenters to the story has it right: “Gay and Republican. What a paradox.” (Kind of like “progressive” and Democrat? Or is it too early? More coffee.)

    Republican Stalwarts were wishing they had a superdelegate system like the Democrats by the time His Trumpness was done with the convention.
    But it’s on to Philly!
    I can’t wait………I better pee now….it’s going to be a long trip.

      1. You think so? I thought the last of the bumps were smoothed out by Sunday afternoon. And the Democrats always get all the good celebrities! This is going to be like an awards ceremony…Oscars or Emmys and such. With only one winner. (Two if you count Kaine.)

        So why take four days? They could take care of business in one…an afternoon really. A handful of congrats. A few suckstobeyous. A little spread and a punchbowl. And we’re done.

        It must be all those lobbyists being in the mix. Lobbyists love a good Partyparty. A little nosh and some punch on a folding table will just not do. There has to be A Spectacle. Otherwise it might start to resemble a Going Out Of Business Sale.

      2. I guess…from what I’m reading so far…that there may still be some bumps in the road.
        DWS booed at Florida delegates’ meeting.
        Bernie hisself booed for telling a room full of supporters they had to elect ➨Clinton Kaine to defeat Trumppence.

        Somebody didn’t get the memo. Probably hung up in an email server somewhere.

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