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  1. Bryan McGrath’s plan to “take down” Trump failed to materialize. It, like that letter, had absolutely no effect on GOP Stalwarts, the donor class, the Trump constituency, or the outcome of the Trump campaign.

    McGrath and Cohen, and the signatories, failed to follow up on their alleged anti-Trump position with any substantive action. Just like the open letter penned by historians earlier this month. All talk. No substantive action. No answers. The results being, due to the elite status of such academic and professional signatories, further galvanization of Trumppence support and a little more media fodder.

    In an age where millions of people are looking for explanations and solutions for their despair, it might be unwise to count on fear of Trump as one’s sole campaign message. So long as Democrats stick with the mantra that everything is fine and Obama is fantastic, not only will they come across as smug, not only will what they are saying be false, but it’s hard to see how they will win a presidential election.
    Nathan J. Robinson

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