As far as the fraught-or-not political conventions

BN-PC631_contes_P_20160726163839Check out this Wall Street Journal chart on how voters react when they perceive a party convention as contentious, versus unified.


3 responses to “As far as the fraught-or-not political conventions

  1. I suppose there’s a good reason why the 2000 Presidential race wasn’t included in Hart’s analysis. An uncontentious (positive) DNC. A Republican Party victory.

    And I’m not sure I would agree that this year’s GOP convention was “contentious.” Trump had the nomination wrapped up long before the convention started, completely decimating his opponents. Opposition to his nomination was token, at best. and there was absolutely no opposition on the floor to Party policy, platform or the “Crooked Hillary Cannot Make America Great Again” theme. GOP hierarchy closed ranks behind Trump before the convention even started. The donor class, if absent, was nevertheless silent. I don’t call that contentious.

    Hart assumes that the Trump nomination is a “textbook example” of “disastrous.” That’s an opinion unsupported by anything other than his own >a href=””>political predilections. I understand Democrats are grabbing at any straw to bolster blind faith in their Party’s ability to defeat the Evil Frankentrump, but it’s going to take more than spin to drive the vile creature from their midst.

    He also assumes, at some peril, that flowery rhetoric, a few tears, one or two notable examples of skilled oratory, and a healthy dose of tokenism will be enough to inspire a majority of the opposition making this DNC contentious to fall in line, grab their torches and pitchforks, and follow Democratic Party leadership to the polls.

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