What do we know about the two major party’s presidential candidates’ religion?

5602666514_64b59ec5c1_zHere’s information on Hillary Clinton’s Methodist Church.

Here’s information on Donald Trump’s Presbyterian Church.


9 responses to “What do we know about the two major party’s presidential candidates’ religion?

  1. Why does that matter?

    • To me? Squat. To some voters? Quite a lot.

      • I can see that, I suppose.
        It would matter more to me if it were a Cruz or a Carson or a Santorum grabbing for The Brass Ring. But with these two candidates? I really don’t think religion matters much to them past the points they get for lip service.

        Interesting to note, though, that Clinton’s religiosity is reviewed by an “expert” in agnosticism and atheism, and Trump’s is being reviewed by two RNS reporters whose beats are atheism and freethought (is that a religion or a condition?) and research and statistics on religion, spirituality, ethics, along with biomedical ethics and end-of-life-issues.

        Nary a Presbyterian or a Methodist in the lot.
        I think they’re both closeted nones.

        • That might well be the case. I mean, who else but Sanders in recent memory has been matter-of-fact about their none-ness (?). It behooves a politician to kiss babies and hug Jesus. Or Moses.

          • Sanders did get kinda snuggly with Bergoglio. Which is easy to do from what I’ve seen.
            But he’s exempt from Christian scrutiny, after all, so any noneness isn’t really a factor as far as religiosity is concerned. Foreign policy maybe. But not religiosity.

            I think the only religion that matters in America, as far as politics is concerned, is Islam. That and no religion, (not just noneness), will soil O’Reilly’s depends guaranteed.

            • Not entirely on topic, but: I am getting ridiculously tired of the rhetoric. There’s a woman whose son was killed at Pulse talking, and she is asking that we do something about gun violence. So why don’t we? It’s a simple ask.

              • That’s a damn good question.
                Don’t expect any reasonable answers from The Democratic Party,

                • I don’t think anything’s going to come out of either party. I think it’s people saying “You’re fired” to the recalcitrant individual members who don’t get on board.

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