I wish I’d written this:

imagesBill Clinton wore a fetching pantsuit…”


7 responses to “I wish I’d written this:

  1. 42 minutes! You think he forgot it’s Hillary running for President?

    I think Wild Bill might be losing his touch.

    Neoliberal apologist Rachel Maddow called the beginning of the speech “Shocking and weird.” Not very feminist, it would seem.

    Liberal Zionist pundit, and admitted admirer of serial liars and philanderers, Peter Beinart described it in The Atlantic as Bill Clinton’s Lapse Into Trumpism by suggesting, apparently, “that Muslims need to earn the rights that all other Americans enjoy.”

    The entire tone of the Democratic convention’s first two nights suggests a defensiveness about Trump’s anti-Muslim attacks. Barely anyone has defended Barack Obama’s proposal to admit more Syrian refugees. And so, in keeping with that spirit, Clinton hedged his opposition to Trump’s Muslim ban by suggesting that America should welcome good Muslims, the ones who don’t secretly hate America.

    There are, to be sure, times for the ideological triangulation that Clinton made famous in the 1990s. But a major-party nominee calling for a religious litmus test for entry into the United States is not one of them. It’s a time for clarity. And Bill Clinton failed to provide it last night, thus reminding even those of us who admire him that his political instincts sometimes overwhelm his moral ones.

    Beinart was not alone in this sentiment. Wild Bill losing sight of centrist political correctness cannot be ignored. Get the poor guy some Adderall or something.

    Jeff Cohen, master of the obvious at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, commented the speech was filled with inaccuracies.

    The Culture Editor at Vox wrote that the only thing notable about the speech is that it was delivered by Wild Bill. Ouch! But that’s a good thing, apparently.

    And these are The Good Guys!
    Oh…how the Mighty have Wrinkled.
    But he does look great! Must be all that taxpayer funded healthcare he gets. I bet we even paid for that pantsuit.

    • These are awesome links. I was bothered by how the Muslims were still being treated as “other,” as if they have to earn something to be here. A lot of the rhetoric moved on the assumptions that all Muslims are recent immigrants from war-torn countries, and that was just dumb.

      • Now I read Wild Bill isn’t going to be picking out the drapes and the China and stuff. They’re going to make Chelsea do it! That sucks! That’s sexist! That’s a spit in the eye to every progressive gender-equality minded American male in this country. Most of the Democrats! If Wild Bill’s not going to take on the traditional responsibilities of the First Spouse, then he shouldn’t be allowed to move in.

        Clinton hypocrisy rules the roost…again.

        • I wonder — seriously — why the press gives a shit about this stuff. “First Lady” is an anachronism from, well, when Hillary Clinton filled the role. First Gentleman is silly. They both sound too monarchy-ish for me. Let it go. Let them figure it out. Step acting like any of this is written in stone.

          • Personally…I would much rather have Wild Bill fixing the drapes and picking out the China than fucking with the economy, the task Hillary says she’s handing over to him.

            • I’d let him be the White House Greeter. Give him a nice bow tie and let him say hey to all the visitors. The last time I was at the White House, he was president and I’d really hoped he’d wander down to see all of us but no.

              • Like at the Walmart?
                I could go for that, I suppose. But i still think he should be undertaking the traditional duties of the First Spouse. When last he lived there, Congress made it clear to both himself and Hillary that there would be no co-Presidenting. So That leaves him more than enough time on his hands…(….don’t get gross leftover….) to do all those traditional duties. Wild Bill Clinton is not too good to undertake those duties.

                He could tend Michelle’s garden.
                It would be good to Wild Bill on his knees…for a change.

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