Vatican studying whether women are people, too

download (1)The Vatican announced recently that it would appoint a commission on study the possibility of having girl deacons.

Here’s more from one of the commission members, Dr. Phyllis Zagano.

This most likely is cause for celebration, but it feels so much like too little, too late. But yay?


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  1. No cheers for Paloma García Ovejero, new deputy director of the Vatican press office? (Now headed by former deputy director, Opus Dei numerary, and former FOXNews correspondent, American Greg Burke.) Being the first female in that post…and a foreigner, (She’s Spanish), makes that accomplishment significant. Bergoglio looks thrilled.

    Timing? Considering the fact that Zagano’s work on the subject began in 1983 at the behest of John Cardinal O’Connor, and she’s actively advocated for a female diaconate since 2000, I think…by RCC standards…things are progressing apace. Another 30 years or so? Who knows?

    1. I know one thing: I’ll most likely be dead, which isn’t really a comfort. I’d hoped we’d all be farther along by now…

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