When you really really really dislike a political candidate…

150806212843-07-fox-debate-trump-0806-super-169…you run the risk of missing important information about the remaining candidates.

Starting on Sunday, I went on a two-day tear on social media, Trump-trolling, as it were. The candidate’s attack on the Muslim family who’d lose a son to war went beyond anything I could stomach, and then the Republican candidate accepted a Purple Heart from what I believe to have been a misguided veteran, to which Trump joked that he’d always wanted one.

A tech-savvy veteran who had earned a Purple Heart set up a GoFundMe page to send Trump to war, so that he can win that Purple  Heart legitimately. A bunch of the rest of us covered Facebook and Twitter with photos of our relatives who’d earned Purple Hearts (my father won three), along with our extreme disappointment that Trump would make light of such a military honor.

I may have posted some curse words, as well.

OK. I did.

This is not an apology for that, but I was driving around yesterday thinking about how laser-focusing one’s ire on one candidate makes one less vigilant about the rest of the field. I am on record of thinking the Republican candidate for president is the worst candidate, ever. I don’t know how many more times I need to say that. I’ll probably take a few more jabs, but for those of us who are apoplectic at the state of the Republican party, vigilance is necessary and not just aimed at the bigoted, blind, misogynistic narcissists in the room.


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    1. I do understand that but that means the Dems (and others) aren’t doing much more than responding to that jackass. There is a lot of important stuff going undiscussed.

      1. Are those things not getting discussed…or…just not making through the Trump sludge into major media coverage?

        Hillary Clinton Hits Trump Over Outsourcing while visiting a Denver CO. manufacturer. No major media coverage. Or any analysis of Clinton’s claims in what coverage exists.

        Clinton gives her first post-convention interview to (WTF!) FOXNews, and lies. Brazenly so. But what little coverage there is of that utterly confounding error in judgement takes days to filter up through the sludge of the Trump/Kahn demagoguery, and never actually gets the critical attention it deserves from major media resources. (Except FOXNews. Which isn’t trusted by anybody two steps to the left of Sarah Palin.) Democratic Party operatives so skillfully manage the situation, by focusing their media exposure on the Trump/Khan “controversy,” even Trump himself seems to have missed it. (For now.) But some supporters are not impressed. And now, it’s just a media blurb. Pokémon Go gets more objective analysis and evaluation in major media sources than Clinton or Democratic Party politics. (Except for Obama’s favorability rating getting as high as Wild Bill’s back in the day. That’s news!) Not even Bergoglio can break through the wall Trump has raised around the MSM.

        Clinton’s detractors in the “Progressive” media? SSSHHHH!!! You’ll wake them.

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