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  1. A nice history lesson on the Kalashnikov and that genre. An uniquely dangerous weapon representing an extraordinary threat.
    Genius in design the AK. Really. A true proletarian weapon.

    I could pick a few nits on the technicals:
    The Stoner AR and the Kalashnikov AK are different machines. Same genre: lightweight semiauto with variable capacity removable magazines. But different machines.
    And I always wince a little when I see the Sig Sauer MCX (Orlando) characterized as a “variant” of the Stoner AR. That’s sounds to me like saying The Dave Clark 5 is a variant of The Beatles. Again…same genre, but IMO it’s obvious the differences outweigh the similarities. Different machines.

    But those are technicalities. Irrelevant, really, to the historical fact that mass killers in this country prefer that genre: lightweight semiautomatic firearms with variable capacity removable magazines. Especially those weapons that are easily hacked, like what we saw in San Bernadino, (and probably Dallas as well), to improve desired performance and bypass whatever local gun controls might exist.

      1. Variable capacity removable magazines are a pox upon civil society. They need to be outlawed.

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